Rules for Center’s library

The members can avail of the facilities of the Library by reference, reading the books, handbooks, periodicals in the Library Hall and borrow the books for home reading on payments of deposit and subscription. The Working Hours of the Library are 1000 Hrs. to 2100 Hrs.
Library sub-committee has revised rules for the library to make it more beneficial to the members. Library facility is now open to non members also. Library membership fees are now changed as follows:

Library Deposit Rs.300 for IEIGSC Students
Rs.500 for IEIGSC Corporate Members.
Library Subscription (per term) Rs.100 for Students attending our Courses
(Term-January-June ) Rs.100 for IEIGSC Students attending AMIE/GATE Classes
(Term-July-December) Rs.200 for other IEIGSC Students
Nil No subscription for IEIGSC Corporate (FIE/MIE/AMIE) Members

We are constantly adding latest titles & journals/magazines. Proceedings of Seminars / Conventions/ Workshop are also being added. We request members to avail of library facility to the maximum.
Can you donate books (other than textbooks & old reference books)to our library if you have already read and do not plan to keep them with you? We are accepting.