Non Corporate Member (Technician/ Sr Technician)

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ST/T Application Form and Prospectus
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Chartered Engineer (C Eng)

Eligibility Criteria for Chartered Engineer
Any Life Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers (India) can designate himself as a Chartered Engineer (C Eng).A special certificate specifying as Chartered Engineer ( C Eng ) can be obtained on payment of Rs. 5000/- only (for applicants from India / Nepal) and US$ 500 only (for applicants from other countries). This is applicable only to the Members who have paid Composite Subscriptions / Life Compounding fees in full.

However, Corporate members already in possession of Chartered Engineer Certificate applying for the same after upgradation / transfer of membership or more than once for any other reason, the fee will be Rs. 2,000.00 (for applicants from India /Nepal) and US $ 200 (for applicants from other countries). Such Corporate Members should apply with a copy of existing Chartered Engineer Certificate.

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The Director (Membership) Membership Department The Institution of Engineers (India) 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700 020

Professional Engineer (PE)

In the light of the authority vested by the Royal Charter for certifying the competency of engineers, the Council of The Institution of Engineers ( India) may, at its discretion, approve that a person fulfilling the educational, technical and other experience criteria as prescribed by it, shall be entitled to describe himself as a Professional Engineer. Click here for more details

Non-Delivery of Identity Card and Letter of Election to ‘ST’ and ‘T’ Candidates

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